3OBM is committed to developing successful relationships in the Western Australian construction industry as demonstrated by the significant investment already completed

01. Committed

We are committed to building strong relationships within the Western Australian construction industry.

02. Value for Money

We are confident our products will provide your project and company with value for money that exceeds your current supply chain options.

03. Local Team

Our local team is located in Subiaco and is led by Owen Ji, 3OBM General Manager.

3OBM is a multi-trade supplier and installer of building materials to the Western Australian Construction Industry.

Aluminium Windows & Doors

Supply and installed to Australian Standards using Capral or similar approved aluminium frames, European hardware, laminated, toughened, heated soak tested glass with independent engineer approved certificates. The Aluminium Windows and Doors are installed on site with local Western Australia trades.

Ceramic Porcelain and Quartz Tiles

Huge range of European and western colours, finishes and styles all manufactured to a very high standard. Made to varying slip ratings to meet all Australian Standards.


Manufactured and assembled in China to strict quality control standards. The products are then transported to the 3OBM Fremantle logistics warehouse, ready for floor-by-floor delivery and installation. The local installation team also have a Perth-based cabinet workshop for quick turnaround of damaged or custom items.

Sanitary Fixtures and Fittings

Full suite of sanitary fixtures and fittings all accredited to the WaterMark certification. All products are reviewed and assessed by the Watermark Conformity Assessment Bodies of Australia.

Curtain Walls

Chinese-made using independent engineer-approved certificates. VMU and PMU completed prior to mass production. The curtain walls are installed on site with local Western Australian trades.

High Quality
Building Materials

All the materials are sourced from China through 3OBM’s partner suppliers and installed with local Western Australian trades. These trades hold all required Certifications and Competencies.

Large scale commerical construction projects

3OBM supply to large scale commercial construction projects such as apartment developments, hotels, retirement projects, where there is high repetition and volume to provide the best efficiency and therefore opportunity to maximise value for money to our clients.

Installed with local Western Australian trades

All the products are installed with local Western Australian trades. Every trade holds required Certifications and Competencies.